Tiger Brokers review: Why I am a regular user of Tiger Brokers platform and why I highly recommend it

Tiger Brokers review: Why I am a regular user of Tiger Brokers platform and why I highly recommend it
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I have been long enough in the stock market to remember the days when brokerage fees among Singapore brokers used to be priced at around 0.275% across all the local brokers. It seemed like there was an industry price cartel in the brokerage industry holding up the price then. Thanks to the introduction of competition from foreign brokers into the Singapore market, Singaporean investors today can enjoy brokerage fees as low as 0.08%. Tiger Brokers is one of the competitive brokers that offer 0.08% for Singapore stocks.

If you are into Hong Kong or China stocks, it is even cheaper. The commission is 0.06% for Hong Kong stocks and 0.06% for China stocks. The fees for other exchanges such as U.S and Australian stocks are available here.

Over the years, I had accounts with at least 8 brokers and have narrowed them down to 2 favorites. Tiger Brokers is one of them. I am a regular user of Tiger Brokers desktop app and mobile app. I use them not only because Tiger Broker fees are about the cheapest in town. The user experience with these apps is wonderful as well. I believe the Tiger apps offer a wonderful one-stop-shop experience for investors to search for relevant information on their stocks. This is particularly useful for not-so-experienced investors who do not know where to look for relevant information. In the past, I have to visit different websites to gather information about a stock for research. There is less of a need to do that with Tiger app. All the information is available in one place and they are free of charge.

What I really like about the Tiger apps is the way they present the information in a user-friendly manner. It is the best so far. I believe I am qualified to make this statement since I have experience with different brokerage platforms. The app is so easy to use that you do not need to read long user manuals to learn how to use it.

One compelling reason to use Tiger apps is the free market data on the platform. Other brokers will charge for the same market data. This is an absolute advantage over other platforms for active traders. Even if you do not make trades frequently, these are still useful information when you submit your trade order.

Country Free Real-time last price quotes Free Real-time bid/ask quotes Free Real-time market depth
Singapore stocks Yes Yes No
Hong Kong stocks Yes No No
China stocks Yes Yes Yes
U.S stocks Yes Yes Yes

Real-time bid/ask quotes and market depth are not cheap, particularly market depth information. If you are using Interactive Broker, market depth information for Nasdaq stocks will cost you USD11.50 per month (assuming you are non-professional. Professionals pay even more). For China stocks, it will cost you USD35.00 per month! Tiger Brokers provides these market data free of charge.

Before investing in a stock, one should look up its financials. Here are some snapshots of the financial information that Tiger app provides using DBS (biggest bank in Southeast Asia) as an example.

Some snapshots of the financial information.

Recent dividend history

Some snapshots of valuation like Price/earnings ratio, Price/book ratio, Price/sales ratio over time.

Price/Earnings ratio (trailing 12 months)
Price/Book ratio
Price/Sales ratio (trailing 12 months)
DBS filings to Singapore stock exchange

One feature I particularly like about Tiger is the ease and speed at which one can search a stock and load the price chart. I have tried several brokerage platforms and Tiger gives me the best user experience when navigating price charts.

Daily price chart of DBS

You can get access to the above information if you sign up for a Tiger Brokers account today. If you are still not convinced enough to sign up at this point, there is a no-brainer reason to sign up now.

If you sign up now, you get one Apple share free of charge. There is a minor catch. You have to deposit SGD2,000 to get the Apple share worth USD148.97 or SGD200 today(12Sep2021). I consider this SGD2,000 deposit as a trivial issue because this deposit is still your money. If you decide that stocks are not your cup of tea later, you can still withdraw the SGD2,000. Meanwhile, you earn a risk-free gain of 1 apple share. It is a no-brainer to me. So, I have done this for myself and my wife to receive the risk-free free gifts.

One very important thing to take note of to make sure you receive the free Apple share is to make the deposit of $2,000 or more in a SINGLE transfer. DO NOT do a test deposit of say, $1 first, then deposit the remaining amount. If you do that, you lose your privilege to receive the free Apple share.

If you are already an active investor/trader, there is another good reason to sign up for Tiger Brokers today. You will be getting 60 commission-free trades within 180 days and 5 commission-free trades for futures within 30 days.

I do not know when the promotion will end and/or whether the rewards will change later. If you are happy with the promotion rewards today, then better sign up soon.

Tiger Brokers is licensed by MAS under the Securities and Futures Act. Client funds and investment are deposited in a segregated trust account and held in a segregated custody account. Conservative investors who are worried that they may lose their money if the broker becomes bankrupt need not fear that they will not be able to get their money back since their assets are deposited in segregated accounts. In the event of bankruptcy, the money belongs to the clients and not to the broker's creditors.

If you finally decide to sign up with Tiger Brokers, please use this link which contains the invite code assigned to me. My invite code is HUATNOW because I want everyone who signs up through my link to HUAT NOW. Let's huat together. Thank you.

Disclosure: When you sign up through the links provided in this post, I will get referral rewards. Please reward me if you think I have provided value to you. Thank you.

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