Why am I starting this blog

Financial markets interest me. Since I am thinking about markets during most of my spare time, I might as well put them down into writing.

I am helping myself by clarifying my own thoughts through writing. This one reason alone keeps me motivated to keep writing even if nobody reads this blog.

Trading and investing is a lonely venture. Humans are social creatures. No man is an island. Discussing my interest with like-minded people will make me a happier person. Hopfully, same goes for the people who take the time to interact with me. Win-win situation.

My wife has zero interest in financial markets. I can't discuss markets with her. Fortunately, she tolerates me spending substantial time in financial markets because of the money it brings in so far. From time to time, losses are unavoidable but she is tolerant as long as there are profits over time.

Lastly, I hope to make some pocket money from this blog. Easier to justify to my wife too since it is going to take some of my time away from her.

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