Market action 9Aug2021 (Monday)

HSI -> risk-off. STI -> risk-on.

Hang Seng Index(HSI) opened at  -0.8%, climbed up to +1.33% by late morning , then starts to decline to close at +0.4%. Somewhat neutral but tilt more towards bearish action today. Another below-average low volume day.

HSI remains in risk-off mode.

Low of first recovery up-day(28Jul2021) HSI = 24748.84

Singapore stock market is closed today. National Day public holiday.

Action for HK market (risk-off):
- Stay out.
- Get ready to sell stocks on signs of weakness
- Be extra careful if you see an attractive opportunity and want to buy. Demand higher quality.

Action for Singapore market (risk-on)
- Stay in the market
- Look out for opportunities to buy
- Don't be too quick to sell stocks

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