Market action 16Aug2021 (Mon)

HK -> risk-off. SG -> risk-on. CN -> risk-on

Stock index Percent change 21EMA* 50EMA* 200EMA*
HongKong Hang Seng Index -0.80% -1.83% -4.22% -5.17%
Singapore Straits Times Index -0.63% -0.58% -0.22% 3.67%
China CSI 300 Index -0.10% -0.93% -2.13% -1.13%
Australia ASX200 -0.61% 1.43% 2.97% 9.00%
Japan Nikkei 225 -1.62% -1.52% -2.55% -0.05%

* Percentage from exponential moving average

Singapore market weakened further. So did my portfolio. The weakness was further confirmed by crashes in some of the stocks that I exited from my portfolio last week.

It was such a close shave that some luck had to be in play. Nanofilm (MZH.SI) crashed 28.81% today. Exited the day before. Rex International(5WH.SI) crashed 8.84% today. Exited the day before. Golden Energy (AUE.SI) crashed 15.94% today. Exited the day before.

Action for Singapore market (risk-on. Market getting weaker.)
- Stay in the market
- Market showing weakness. Get ready to sell if further weakness persists
- Continue to look out for opportunities to buy but be stricter.

Hong Kong stock indices weakened across the board. The worst performer was HS tech index which closed -2.57%.

Action for HK market (risk-off):
- Stop looking actively for buying opportunites
- Get ready to sell stocks if further weakness persists

Although China stock indices showed weaknesses today, the broad market has recovered since second week of August. 55% of Chinese stocks are above 50-day moving average today. 53% of them are above 200-day moving average today.

Action for China market (risk-on. Go light first)
- Monitor performance of recent stock purchases. Be more aggressive in buying when existing stocks show improvement with some profit cushion.

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