Market action 13Aug2021 (Fri)

HK -> risk-off. SG -> risk-on. CN -> risk-on

Stock index Percent change 21EMA* 50EMA* 200EMA*
HongKong Hang Seng Index -0.48% -1.04% -3.45% -4.41%
Singapore Straits Times Index -0.54% 0.05% 0.41% 4.33%
CSI 300 Index -0.55% -0.83% -2.03% -1.03%
Australia ASX200 0.54% 2.06% 3.60% 9.67%

* Percentage from exponential moving average

My Singapore portfolio suffered further damage today. Becoming more cautious now.

CSI300 continues to weaken further. Stop buying for now until existing portfolio of Chinese stocks bought in past 2 days show some improvement. Bought enough so far.

Past 2 days were not good for HSI but decline was in lower volume.

Action for Singapore market (risk-on)
- Stay in the market
- Market showing weakness. Get ready to sell if further weakness persists
- Look out for opportunities to buy

Action for HK market (risk-off but seems like going to switch soon):
- Start to look for buying opportunities
- Continue to demand higher quality when buying

Action for China market (risk-on. Go light first)
- For the time being, pause. Monitor performance of recent stock purchases.

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