Blog topics

Personal projects
These are software projects I developed for personal use. I use them myself on a daily basis to monitor the markets.

Read me first to avoid financial disaster
These are articles that should be read first to avoid financial disaster. Focus on avoiding losses before thinking of profits.

Product review
I reveal some of the products I use and like.
As a matter of principle, I will not say nice things simply because I am paid to say nice things. If I recommend a product, I will have positive first-hand experience with it and if the product fails, I will suffer along with everyone who takes up the recommendation with me. Skin in the game.
For full disclosure, I will be paid referral fees when readers buy the products through my referral code.
I have to be paid for my time and hosting this blog.

Stock picks
I reveal some of my stock picks. It is for my personal tracking and not meant as financial advice.

All of us have opinions on certain issues and I express my opinion through these articles.
I cannot be sure whether my opinion will be right but whatever opinion I have, I strive to keep my facts right.
I will try to be objective so as not to be selective on the facts I rely on to reach my conclusion.
A reasonable amount of research work will be done in these articles to raise the probability that I hold the right opinion.
Please drop a comment if you disagree but do so without making personal remarks.

Market action
I describe my market observations and plan of action for the following weeks in the financial markets in which I am actively involved.

These are the blogs I follow.

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